Burçak Bingöl

Burçak Bingöl’s works explore notions of belonging, cultural heritage, identity, decoration and failure by blurring the boundaries between these seemingly distinctnotions. Through her labor- intensive process of tracing, copying, and re-forming, she adopts an analytical approach to new configurations. Her works are psychological landscapes that hover between abstraction and representation, rejection and preservation that both embrace and disregard Eastern and Western traditions. Working with various mediums such as ceramics, drawings, video, photography and installation, Bingöl’s works are constant re-working of materials and objects to converge to the repetitive act where fiction and failure merges.

Burçak Bingöl (1976, Görele,Turkey) Raised in Ankara, she lives and works in Istanbul. Her solo exhibitions include: Jardin Particulier, (French Palace, Istanbul, Turkey, 2017), Mythos and Utopia (Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2017), Solo Presentation (Volta NY, New York, USA, 2015), A Carriage Affair (Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2014) and Solo Presentation (Art Basel, Hong Kong, 2014); and her group exhibitions include: Unleashing, (Columbia University Teachers College, New York, USA, 2018), a good neighbour - on the move (Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany, 2017), a good neighbour 15th Istanbul Biennial (Istanbul, Turkey, 2017) and TEN (Baksı Museum, Bayburt, Turkey, 2015). Her work is in many private and public collections in the US, Europe and the Middle East, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA), 21st Century Museum (Louisville, USA), Baksı Museum (Bayburt, Turkey) and Salsali Private Museum -SPM (Dubai, UAE).

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  - Living Inside a Tale And There Only
  - I’m an Eye, A Mechanical Eye
  - Interrupted Halfway Through
  - Mythos and Utopia
  - Ultrahabitat
  - Minor Heroisms
  - A Carriage Affair
  - The Way We Were